Illo Studio is a dream endeavor that I have envisioned for a long time. Utilizing both my fine art and metalsmith skills I work across a variety of different mediums. My foundation in printmaking and illustration serves as a catalyst for exploration in jewelry design. I use traditional hand fabrication metalsmithing processes with works in sterling silver, brass, and gold. 

Inspiration is drawn from the natural world, color, storytelling, and my own illustrations. Each piece is slowly hand fabricated from raw metal materials and transformed into a functional and wearable piece of jewelry. Creating the work requires research and meditation of a somewhat playful and sculptural nature. Color plays a huge role in the development of a piece. Hand selected and one-of-a-kind gemstones are used in many designs. Hand carved waxes for lost wax casting methods are used for experimentation with my more illustrative work. My hope is that these designs will be versatile mainstays and heirlooms throughout the years.


Along with a small batch jewelry line, Illo Studio produces small print runs of various art prints.

illo - (noun) An informal word for illustration. A playful abbreviation for illustrators and artists alike.